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In this Yoga and Meditation Blog, we share some deep knowledge based on Vedas but in an easy way of explaining. The regular Articles of Yoga, Meditation, and Ayurveda will help you to enhance your understanding of life. In our "Yoga Blog", We also share some articles for Yoga, Fitness and Health lovers.

This Blog is for you if you are for Yoga Tips, Meditation Techniques, Ayurveda Study and want to expand the brain dimensions of the Indian Ancient Study System based on Vedic Culture.
The blog also covers Ayurvedic and Sattvic diet suggested by Indian Sages and Monks as healthy nutrition. The source of the Blog is "Vedas - ancient books ever on earth".



We aren’t all yogis living on a mountain with a perfect diet and lifestyle. We're exposed to a multitude of toxins on a daily basis with increased levels of stress. 

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Shatkarma: Cleansing Techniques

In this article, we will talk further about Jal neti and Sutra neti. As with all the articles, please don’t assume that you can now start practicing these techniques after reading this article.

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Conscious Eating

It's not only what you eat but its how you eat that contributes strongly to how you treat your body and food. Hence it's very important to cultivate healthy eating habits.

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Kundalini Meditation and Chakras

When a snake is coiled around something, it keeps its head resting at the top of the coil as if it is protecting something that is hidden inside its coils. Hence its head stays alert like a guard.

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Vedas Vedic Culture and Meditation

What is the difference between Ved, Vedas, Vedanta, Vedic Culture, and Vedic Meditation? It's easy to assume that all of these mean the same thing but one couldn’t be more further from the truth.

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Meditation & Meditation Types

It isn’t easy for everyone to just sit down in a cross-legged position, with a straight spine, and then slip into meditation. If you read our article on meditation, you know that.

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Vipassana Meditation & Its Type

Vipassana is often described as a form of meditation that seeks insight into the true nature of reality. It can quite simply be described as the practice of breath control.

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What is Mantra and Mantra Chanting?

A mantra is a Sanskrit word that can be a sacred utterance or sound, a syllable, word, or group of words in Sanskrit believed to have religious or spiritual powers.

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Types of Pranayama

There are various techniques of Pranayama. Here we will discuss some of them from the beginner to the advance levels. lease note that we are only discussing the techniques and their benefits.

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What is Pranayama?

So Pranayama is the expansion of life force or vital energy. This expansion of energy occurs in the physical, psychological, intellectual, spiritual, and cosmic dimensions respectively.

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Why we do Meditation

We have all seen photos and videos of people sitting in perfect Sukhasana( the seated cross-legged pose), looking absolutely serene, practicing.

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Vedic Havan : Fire Pooja Session

When you make the decision to sign up for a Meditation Retreat and Course at Real Happiness, you have already decided to go deeper into your spiritual journey.

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What are Vedas?

The word Veda comes from "Vid", which literally means "To Know", whereas Vidya means knowledge. Vedas are the lifestyle and its knowledge because, in the universe of Vedas.

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What is Vipassana Meditation?

The word Vipassana is a Sanskrit word which means Insight, Clear Seeing, or Special Seeding. In Vipassana Meditation, the practitioner imagines a single matter in multi-dimensions and judge the reality.

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What is Nada Meditation?

Nada is a connection between humans and god, when a human reaches Shoonya (nothing or zero) being far from the material world. Nada Meditation is practice with sounds to do self-realization.

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What is Mindfulness Meditation?

Mind means "Manah" and Fullness means "completeness", thus Mindfulness simply means that using your mind completely at a moment.

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What is mantra and Mantra Chanting?

Mantra is a Sanskrit word derived from "Manah" and "Yantra". Manah literally means "Mind" and the word "Yantra" means instrument, thus Mantra is Instrument for mind.

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Amazing Journey of a beautiful mind

The human body is a mechanism created by the supreme power. This is a final product ready for launch while taking birth. Here, the actual journey starts with a beautiful mind.

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Why Do I Fall Asleep While Meditating?

Sleeping while doing Meditation is one of the common errors or obstacle occur when a beginner yogi starts the Meditation Practices in life. In this blog, we will learn about sleep while doing Meditation.

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About Root Chakra - Muladhara

Muladhara literally means, Mula is Root and Adhara means Base, Foundation, Substructure, Bottom and Grounded. Hence, Muladhara simply means the Bottom Chakra in Human Body or Root Chakra.

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What is Om? - Om Meditation

‘Om,’ 'Ohm' or 'Aum’ is considered to be the primordial sound originated with the universe and has been chanted for thousands of years. The continuous chanting of Om leads to profound enlightenment.

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21 Things to do in Rishikesh, India

The gleaming Ganga is a charmer, the chants of Hindu mantras soothe the soul, the serene backdrop rejuvenates the senses and the adrenaline-rushing adventures wreck the nerves the way it should.

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What is Meditation? Meditation Meaning

Meditation is not something new, it is an ancient skill that's being practiced for around thousands of years yet there is a huge misconception about what it really is.

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A Meditation Guide for Beginners

If you are new to meditation then there might be many questions on your mind: How to learn to meditate? How to position the body? What to do with your hands, etc.

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Why should you join Meditation in India?

Are you among those who want to enroll in the innovative Meditation Retreat and Teacher Training Course? Here are some reasons why should you join Meditation Training in India.

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A Yoga Mudra Guide for Beginners

Mudras are the gestures that channelize the flow of energy of the body. These symbolic and ritual gestures have been widely used in the East for thousands of years, particularly in Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism.

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What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is known to be the earliest medicinal therapy that has been practiced in India. In Ayurveda, perfect health is an equilibrium between body, mind, spirit and social well being.

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Kundalini and Chakras - Activation

The word Kundalini means the divine power which is in an inactive form in the base of the spine or Muladhara chakra. This energy, when cultivated and awakened goes to the upside through the body.

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Ashta Lakshmi Stotram

The Goddess Laxmi is the wife of Lord Vishnu and known as the Goddess of Money and Prosperity. Listening and reciting this mantra regularly will awaken your energy to do the daily karma.

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21 places to visit in Rishikesh, India

With a huge array of experience and charm, the city of Rishikesh has so much to offer. Here are some outstanding attractions that indeed showcase the tranquil city's incredible beauty.

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11 reasons why should you learn Yoga?

You are not the first human to think that why should you learn yoga in India. I will expostulate it step by step and trust me, you will love to learn Yoga in India in your mind reading here.

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