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What is Sound Healing? Types and Benefits of Sound Healing

Getting some moments of silence and peace is undoubtedly a big deal in the present fast and chaotic life. The stress of work, handling relationships, dealing with illness, and fighting with issues are some types of pressure we live under. In such a situation, if you come to know that with some therapy you can keep your physical and mental health fine, then of course you would like to try it once. 

So let's tell you about one of those amazing therapies, i.e. sound therapy.

What is Sound Healing Therapy?

It is also known as sound bath therapy. During this therapy, a trained practitioner tries to calm your mind with Sound Therapy. It focuses on curing physical and emotional health with the help of music. According to the National Health Portal (NHP), most people are worried about stress. Even after much practice, we are not able to remove ourselves from stress. 

Sound Therapy is one of those magical ways that help you in overcoming everyday stress. Let's understand this with an example. Imagine sitting in a room with a tremendous workload. You are continuously doing it without any break. Completely exhausted, tired and wishing to get a moment of relief; suddenly someone turned on the music channel or a music system; What will happen then? You start feeling light and calm without being unaware of it. The stress starts releasing and you find yourself in a completely new zone. With zealous music, you get engaged in work with full enthusiasm. Do you know why all this happen? All this happens because of the soothing sound of music. Music has a special power which releases the stress hormones from the body and uplifts your mood. 

Music is not only a particular sound which works as a healing therapy but there are many such. Let's take another example.

You are having a gloomy day; you received a phone call from your friend. He/She asks you to have a walk-in a Garden. You are not ready but for a change of mood, you instantly agree. After visiting the Garden, you sit silently and the sweet chirping sound of birds starts improvising your mood. The sound when hits your ear enters the soul and induces a state of happiness. The soothing sound turns your gloomy days into a chilling ones. This is the power of Sound.

Healing through sound was formerly done in Greece when it was used to cure mental illnesses. Not only this, some recent research shows how good music keeps your immune system fine. Moreover, its role is also important in improving the health of premature babies day by day.

Sound Therapy is the master healing therapy with pure sound which work on the science of Sound having powerful effects on the mind and emotions. All human beings are made up of different frequencies of energy. The therapy of sound healing uses those frequencies to interact with the subconscious mind of an individual. It further helps in healing the stress and eventually illness from the body.

Types of Sound Healing

  • Om Chanting


    Om is Parbrahma (Divine) and Parbrahma is Truth. When there was nothing; no life, no sound, no feeling; there was only one sound, i.e. OM. It is the pious and the best for the therapy of Sound Healing. 

    Chanting the word, "Om" brings spirituality inside the mind and soul. It is a great healing power and the first step to meditation. Om Chants increases spiritual peace while maintaining concentration. It maintains physical and mental well-being.

  • Singing Bowl


    Singing bowls are available in the market of Himalayan regions. It is also known as the Himalaya Singing Bowl. Yoga, meditation, sound healing, and other spiritual and healing programs use Singing Bowl to release stress. In Buddhism, It is played during the beginning and end of meditation.

    Singing bowl therapy is widely used in Tibetan culture. The sound of a metal bowl is soothing and helps to relax. Many diseases are also removed by listening to the sound of music coming out of the singing bowl. It also removes the problem of insomnia. If you listen to your favourite music for a few hours, the stress automatically goes away. This releases feel-good hormones and calms the mind.

  • Tingsha


    Under Buddhism, the day begins and ends with the sound of the tingsha (Cymbals). In Chinese & Tibetan temples or spiritual places, this bell is played 108 times. According to the belief, there are 108 types of worries in an individual's life and whoever hears the sound of this bell, all his sorrows and sufferings end and peace reside in his life, his consciousness is awakened. In ancient times, the sound of Tingsha was used to drive away evil spirits. But today it is used to calm the mind and the whole body.

  • Dribu or Dorje Meditation Bell


    Dorje is also known as Dribu, Ghanta, or Bell. These are special bells crafted in the regions of India and Nepal. The main purpose of this bell is to make your present alive. You can also play this bell with the help of a wooden stick. In Tibetan, Dorje means Vajra (Weapon of Indra Dev). If this bell is to be explained, then it is the one that awakens your consciousness as soon as it is struck and the wave of your superior lightning starts running. Dorje is also a symbol of sacred knowledge, it is used during meditation.

  • Wind Chimes


    Wind chimes are of great importance in Buddhism, they are used during various rites. It is believed that the sound of a wind chime purifies the atmosphere of the house and purifies the environment by driving away negative energy.

  • Multidimensional Music Therapy

    multidimensional music therapy

    Vibration therapy is believed to bring about positive changes in the body. It also cures blood pressure and respiratory diseases. Vibroacoustic Therapy is given to improve health and reduce stress. In this sound therapy, music and sound vibrations are delivered directly to the body. According to experts, vibroacoustic therapy is given to reduce pain in people suffering from cancer and people recovering from surgery.

  • Tuning Fork Sound Therapy or Sonic Acupuncture


    Tuning fork therapy is the process of giving vibrations according to the need of different parts of the body. This reduces stress and can make you feel better. It includes a calibrated metal tuning fork which delivers specific vibrations to different parts of the body. The therapy promotes emotional balance with the process of circulating energy in the different parts of the body. The therapy is also known as Sonic Acupuncture as it uses sound frequencies instead of needles in the process. Tuning Fork Therapy is also much beneficial in relieving muscle and bone pain.

Benefits of Sound Healing Therapy

Sound Healing Therapy helps you relax physically and mentally. It relaxes your muscles with soothing and relaxing music, which helps you to fall asleep. Sound Healing Therapy is good for insomnia patients.
Relieves Anxiety

If a person has a problem with anxiety, then sound therapy can be given in such a situation. Sometimes it is normal to be nervous but, if this problem starts increasing, then it is not right to ignore it.

Whenever we feel stressed, anxious, nervous or angry, we are not able to control ourselves which is very harmful to our relationships as well as our body and mind. Due to this, we become victims of serious mental diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease and depression, whereas if we get stressed or angry, after listening to our favourite music for a while, we can solve that problem better without getting angry.

Relief in mental illness like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's

Parkinson's is a disease in which the patient's body trembles all the time, while the patient of Alzheimer's forgets himself as well as his relatives. Patients with such severe mental illness often become dependent on others to perform their routine tasks. After seeing many positive changes on the use of music therapy on such patients, research has been confirmed that in Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease, giving music therapy along with medicines provides quick relief, because the brain is able to process its old things through the sounds of music. 

Reduces the Effects of Depression

Depression is becoming a serious mental illness in the present world. In this illness, the patient often feels suicidal. If you listen to your favorite music for some time every day during this disease, then you can get rid of Depression and mental issues, because through music we start feeling and imagining words and instrumental tunes. In this way, if we listen to happy music continuously, then this serious disease can be easily eliminated.

Creates Self Expression and Communication

People who listen to their favorite music for some time throughout the day are able to write and speak their words better than others. In fact, through music, they refresh their mood, due to which they have the ability to express their point of view in simple words and in many different ways.

Improves Mental and Physical Coordination

In many research done on music, it has been revealed that people who like to listen to music have a better mental and physical coordination than people who do not listen to music and they are able to do their tasks better.

Post-Traumatic Disorder

This is a type of mental disorder. Due to this disorder, the person starts remembering again and again about the unpleasant event that happened in his life. In such a situation, the person is unable to concentrate on any work. In such a situation, sound therapy helps the victim to come out of this problem.

Brings Positive Energy

Positive energy in the body is helpful in keeping any person healthy. Positive changes enters in the body with the help of sound therapy. If you also want to relax yourself with sound therapy, then meet a sound therapy expert and tell your problem. Or you can also join a program in sound healing therapy.

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Other benefits of Sound Healing Therapy are as follows -

  • It keeps the mood light and happy.
  • It controls the blood pressure.
  • It lowers the cholesterol level.
  • It reduces the risk of coronary artery disease and stroke.
  • It induces good sleep.
  • With the help of sound therapy, one can focus on one's work.