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150 Hours Meditation Course or 300 Hours Meditation Course. Which One is Better?

Meditation is a soulful practice that filters the mind and cures the body. It helps you to focus on a thing in a better way than before.

Moreover, it is the best way to remove negative thoughts from the mind. While meditating, you connect your inner self directly to the divine power which eventually enhances your way of living and offers optimum health and wellness. 

You can find many articles or write-ups on Meditation. It's really nice to read them and gain the necessary information but if you want to start meditating or you are going to meditate for the first time, it's better to learn it first. Take a Meditation class or opt for the meditation course before starting this soulful journey.

If you want to learn a meditation course in Rishikesh, there are countless options. Real Happiness offered Online & Offline Meditation Courses as per your availability and need. In this blog, we help you in choosing the best course among 150 Hours and 300 Hours Meditation Courses at Real Happiness.

The doubt hasn't ended here.

So, now you finally decided to opt for a Meditation Course. Now, the question is which course is the best for you? You may find 150 Hours Meditation Course and 300 Hours Meditation Course but the confusion is; which is the right one to opt for? Everything has limitations with the benefits but you should know which one is the right to choose.

Here we are explaining the Benefits and Limitations of both courses.

150 Hours Meditation Course

150 Hours Meditation Course is a 15 days program covering the authentic knowledge and teaching of Meditation in India. One can join the course at a Beginner Level, i.e. it doesn't demand any prior yoga knowledge. Also, the one who already holds the knowledge in this can join the course for a better understanding and learning.

You can learn more about 150 Hours Meditation Course at Real Happiness India by visiting the link below -


300 Hours Meditation Course

300 Hours Meditation Course is a four-week teacher training course that helps you to start a career in the divine world. The course is 28 days long and is available online & offline in both ways. The course is also for the purpose of deepening your existing knowledge.

Click on the link below to read more about the Meditation Course of 300 Hours.


Which course is enough? 150 Hours Meditation Course or 300 Hours Meditation Course?

Two different courses with two different criteria and two different results. Now, the question is; which one is enough? The question can be answered on the basis of your need and demand. How? Let's understand this.

  • Do you want to teach Meditation?

    Are you willing to build a professional career in Meditation then we advise you to join 300 Hours (or 28 Days) Meditation TTC? We are suggesting this teacher training program not only because it will reward you with the teacher certification but also because the 300 Hours Meditation Course gives you strong knowledge and build a stiff foundation of theoretical and practical knowledge. It will further grow your teaching skills and let you spend an hour on teaching methodology.

    150 hours (or 15 Days) Meditation Course also cover important topics with deep learning but will not offer you a teacher training certificate. Due to the difference in duration, surely there will be much-expanded knowledge in 300 hours as compared to 150 Hours. Also, spending much time in the environment of Meditation practice, you gain much confidence to teach in a great way.

  • Are you short of time?

    Time is everything! It is not easy to escape from your busy schedule and find a time to learn Meditation Course. But knowledge knows no boundaries so the course of 15 days was introduced. The course offers you the opportunity to complete the meditation teacher training courses in two parts of 15 days each. With this, you need not compromise on your time and can learn all the essential information about Meditation and other spiritual programs.

    While in 300 Hours Meditation TTC, you need to find 28 days of time at once which is not easy for everyone. So, you can go with 150 hours or 15 days meditation course in case of less time. 

    The course is of less duration that doesn't mean we compromise with the teaching or syllabus, everything is covered with proper criteria and schedule.

  • Are you looking for a personal wellness program?

    Meditation is undoubtedly a great option for a bright future or career. But choosing the Meditation course for overall wellness is indeed a nice idea. So, in that case, you can choose the course of either 15 days or 28 days as per your availability and schedule. Both the courses give you the ultimate learning experience and a true sage feeling.

    If you are here for a short wellness trip, then opt for 15 Days or 150 Hours Meditation Course.

    If you are here for a month-long trip wellness program, then 28 Days or 300 Hours Meditation Course is a good option.

  • Looking for intensive learning?

    Intensive Learning demands much time. If you want to go deep into the Meditation Program, then you should invest many days in this spiritual program. 

    For this, 300 Hours is the best option as 28 days consists of deep learning and course. 

    The more you learn; the more you gain. 

    In simple words, whatever you gain in the 300 Hours Meditation Course is much more than what you gain in the 150 Hours Meditation Course. 

    300 Hours Meditation TTC consists of profound learning of Meditation Techniques, Philosophy, Anatomy and other theoretical and practical aspects.

  • Searching for Peace?

    Peace lies within you. It is just you should discover it profoundly. Do you know Gautama Buddha achieved Nirvana with his strong penance continuously for 49 days? We are not telling you to do continuous meditation or penance to achieve peace and to be very honest, it is not easily possible. But doing meditation for at least an hour daily can give you lots of benefits. 

    If you continue it for a greater period, then you will be privileged with this. 

    300 Hours course of the Meditation Program gives you 28 days to meditate continuously that too under professional teachers with years of experience and knowledge. 

    150 Hours Meditation Course is also a good option but it is not for the long term. You need at least continuous 20 days to adapt to an atmosphere. 


150 Hours or 300 Hours Meditation Course. Which one is best? The answer to the question is completely based on your demands and needs. Firstly, understand yourself and your true self. Listen to the need of your soul. Think Calmly and then learn what you want to opt for?

We have both the courses for you with the best teaching and trainers.