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Significance & Benefits of Om Meditation

"Om" - The Power; The Supreme

When there is nothing in the world; only the sound of Om exists.
Om is the first syllable of every Mantra.

Om, also known as Omkar or Pranav. Om is not religious, but it appears as a traditional symbol and sacred sound in some religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. Om belongs to all, it is universal and contains the whole universe.

Om is considered to be the first sound. It is said that the natural sound that existed in the illusion before the physical creation came into existence was the echo of Om. That's why Om is called the voice of the universe. What does this mean? Somehow the ancient yogis knew what scientists are telling us today: the universe is not permanent.

Nothing is always solid or stable. Everything that vibrates creates a rhythmic vibration that ancient yogis captured in the sound of Om. We are not always conscious of this sound in our daily lives, but we can hear it in autumn leaves, in the waves of the ocean, or in the sound of a conch shell if we listen carefully. The chanting of Om connects and makes us a part of this movement of the entire universe – whether it is the setting sun, the rising moon, the tides, our heartbeat, or the sounds of every atom within our bodies.

When we chant Om, it takes us on a ride of this universal trick through our breath, our awareness and our physical energy, and we begin to understand a deep connection that brings peace to mind and soul.

The sound which is always resonant in the universe is called Om. This fact has also been proved true by many scientific researchers. Years ago our sages had explained this word and told us that it is directly related to the universe i.e. God who is present everywhere.

The word Om or Aum is made up of a combination of three letters which themselves represent Brahma, Vishnu and Mahadev. Its first letter is "A", which is the first letter to come out of the mouth and its pronunciation puts emphasis on the navel which shows our creation. When we are in the womb and are born, we are connected by our mother to the umbilical cord which comes out of our navel. We get all our food and drink from this. After taking birth, doctors cut it, that is, it is a symbol of Brahma himself, who is our creator.

The second letter of the word Om is "U" which comes out from our heart and represents our living i.e. it is related to Lord Vishnu, the sustainer of the world.

The last word of the word Om is "M" which comes out of our throat and produces vibrations there. The throat is related to Lord Shiva who marks the end of our life cycle.

By chanting Om in this way, we invoke Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. That is why this word has been given the most importance in our religion and it has been asked to be chanted before every mantra.

Significance of OM

Om is one of the most important spiritual symbols in Hinduism. It refers to Atman (within self) and Brahman (ultimate reality, universe, supreme soul). Om is found at the beginning and end of chapters of the Vedas, Upanishads and other texts. It is used during worship and private prayers, in ritual ceremonies of weddings, at the time of marriage, and sometimes before and during meditation and spiritual practice.

Om is such a word that by uttering it, we can see the communication of positive energy around us. If it is chanted in a quiet place, then we can see some wonderful energy flowing inside us.

It has also been given a lot of importance in yoga because without the pronunciation of the word Om, yoga is considered incomplete. Even in the olden times, when sages went to the mountains and did penance, they used to try to connect themselves with the universe by uttering this word.

With continuous chanting of this mantra and with a concentrated mind, we can directly connect with the universe because it is the sound of the universe. Om is such a word which has no origin or end and every other word or letter is formed by the combination of letters of the same word.

Power of OM

You will be surprised to know that other religions have also incorporated Om in themselves, just in a different form. The people of Christianity speak Amen, which signifies this word, similarly, the word Aameen has been used in Islam. Sikhism mentions the word Omkar which describes the qualities of Om. Similarly, it has been included in different forms in other religions like Jainism, Buddhism etc.

There is a mention of the word Omni in English, which means one who is present everywhere and it is also related to Om. The word Om denotes the origin and destruction of the universe, not related to any religion, hence it has been given the highest place in Hinduism. It is beyond all religions which represent all (OM Sound).

OM Meditation

The power and illuminating meditation that helps us find peace in this chaotic world are Om Meditation. It is not so simple to just sit and start reciting Om and perform the Meditation. There are certain rules and things to note while practicing Om Meditation. 

The word Om is probably more recognized by its symbol, but when it comes to the use of Om, the pronunciation of Om is of paramount importance.

Vedic tradition teaches that sounds were created with a purpose, so it is important to follow the rules of pronunciation, as resonance is associated with meaning. In everyday life, we all know and feel that music, no matter what it is, affects our mood. Similarly, Vedic sounds and words like Om should be chanted according to traditional instructions, to avoid negative resonance as well as get the desired results.

Actually meditating on Om provides relief from any existing mental disturbance or trouble. As will be explained further, when it is chanted with the meaning of OM in mind, you gain awareness of your mental and natural form, which is free from all kinds of limitations at all times.

For these reasons it is important to understand that while meditating on Om, it should not be broken into its three syllables, rather it should be pronounced like two syllables. Nor should the sound be drawn while chanting Om.

Other important instructions to follow while performing OM Meditation are:
  • Get up early in the morning, preferably in the Brahma Muhurta.
  • Take a bath and pure yourself externally and internally as well.
  • Choose a quiet place to sit.
  • You can sit in Padmasana, Ardhapadmasana, Sukhasana, Vajrasana etc. as per convenience.
  • Start chanting Om slowly and then for a long time.
  • Stop when you start taking high breaths.
  • Repeat it at least 51 or 108 times.
  • You can chant Om loudly or slowly as per your choice.
  • After the meditation is over, stay sitting silently.
  • Get up comfortably from the sitting asana.
  • During meditation, let your thoughts come and try to concentrate.
  • Try to keep your mind calm during Meditation.
  • If possible, drink hot water. 

Benefits of OM Meditation

  • OM brings Mental Peace

    If you are suffering from stress or are in depression then OM plays an important role in this. For this, with a concentrated mind, close your eyes for some time and chant the Om mantra, due to which positive energy will circulate around you and your mind will be calm. This gives a person a feeling of mental peace and his mental development takes place.

  • OM improves Digestive Power

    By chanting it regularly, your digestive system also works smoothly and your digestive power increases. The problem of indigestion, constipation, diarrhoea etc gets cured. Hunger also increases with the pronunciation of Om.

  • OM cures Insomnia

    If you are troubled by the problem of insomnia or lack of sleep, then this mantra can help you in this too. While sleeping at night, you should chant this mantra with a calm mind and do it for 10 minutes. This will not only make you sleepy, but you will also stay away from negative dreams.

  • OM strengthens the Heart and Lungs

    The letters you chant in this mantra vibrate in our throat, heart and navel to keep our body parts healthy. Due to this, your lungs become stronger than before and your heart remains healthy.

  • OM ensures Smooth Blood Circulation

    OM Meditation also plays an important role in the smooth flow of blood in your body. By chanting it continuously and daily, the blood circulation in your body remains smoothly, due to which you get many health benefits.

  • OM creates Strong Consciousness

    When we chant the Om mantra, our mind becomes focused and our intellect becomes sharp. By chanting it continuously, your memory increases and your consciousness becomes stronger.

  • OM detoxifies Body & Mind

    Chanting Om helps in clearing the negative energy present in our body and mind. The vibrations of Om have an almost instant effect on our bodies. By chanting Om, the body starts to loosen up, and the mind becomes light so that your body starts aligning itself with the rhythm and vibrational energy and this effect helps in detoxifying the body.

  • OM balances the Heart Rate

    Chanting the Om mantra helps to calm the heart and its effect is visible immediately. You must have also felt at one time or another that when you worry too much your heart beats very fast. Om mantra can definitely help you in such times. Close your eyes and chant the Om mantra, let the vibrations of Om go inside the body and gradually it will calm down the heart rate.

  • OM improves Mood Swings

    Chanting Om with regularity helps in removing the problem of mood swings and also improves the working capacity and performance of the person. Thus it is said that by regularly chanting Om, you can improve your personal as well as professional life.

  • OM controls Blood Pressure

    The vibrations of the Om mantra affect every single cell in our body in a positive way. Its effect is not immediately visible, but chanting Om regularly for 30 minutes daily also helps in keeping the blood pressure balanced.