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10 Must Know Meditation Tips and Techniques for Beginners

People who practice meditation often say that it changed their lives and helped them find peace within themselves and scientists agree with the claim that meditation not only reduces stress and improves your physical well-being. It is also a good exercise for the brain. 'You're ready to start it, but you don't know where to start and what to do. You need not worry as we will help you with this.

Meditation in India is a spiritual practice, chosen by people from all around the world. If you are also planning to start the practice, then we are here to give you some important tips and techniques for beginners.

Tips and Techniques for Beginners

  • 1) Start your practice without expectations

    Meditation is a soulful and beneficial practice but that doesn't mean to start expecting results just after one or two days of practice. It is not magic to give instant results. Like other forms of exercise, meditation also takes time but with time, it reaps many benefits. So, keep in mind that don't go into the meditation practice with expectations. Each time, when you meditate, look at it as an opportunity to connect yourself with the divine.

  • 02) Fix a proper time to meditate daily

    You are meditating on one day and not on another, if this is what you are doing; then honestly stop meditating. Meditation is a prayer and worship. Create a habit of doing meditation regularly and more importantly make a schedule and allot proper timing to this practice. When you schedule a time for meditation, then it becomes much easier to make it a habit.

  • 03) Start with a shorter time period for meditation

    If you are a beginner in this soulful practice, then a long time period of practice could be difficult for you. And when you find it difficult, you certainly think to quit it. So, start with a slow pace and at a shorter time period. With this, you are able to build confidence and then find it easy to practice it. It is even proved by research that starting at a slow pace every single activity helps you to perform that with ease.

  • 04) Find the perfect place to meditate

    Meditation also depends on the place where you perform. Choosing the right place is a quite important factor in meditating correctly. Choose an open space or a room or hall with proper ventilation. When there is enough air where you meditate then you feel comfortable and make the practice easier. Also, make sure that the space you choose is peaceful and full of silence. Regular noise and disturbance become a hurdle in meditation practice.

  • 05) Choose the comfortable clothing

    Meditation demands focus and attention on a great level. When you wear something uncomfortable while meditating, then you keep getting disturbed and your attention breaks. So, while meditating, keep in mind to always wear those clothes that make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Choose the right clothes appropriate to the temperature and weather conditions.

  • 06) Clear your thoughts first

    Take a moment to breathe and empty your thoughts. Jumping right into the practice of meditation is surely the worst idea. Before starting your practice, empty your thoughts and mind and get relaxed. Yes, it is difficult at first but when you make it a habit, you can do it. Relax, eliminate every kind of, positive or negative emotion from the mind and start practicing it. This helps in intense practice and allows you to focus more magically.

  • 07) Stay still while meditating

    One thing which should be kept in mind when you are meditating is to not move while the practice is on. If you keep changing your position throughout the practice, then it becomes distracting and you are not able to readjust yourself to make the practice perfect. Feel free to adjust yourself as per your comfort but don't let it become a distraction.

  • 08) Take the help of music

    If you are not able to meditate properly or getting some distractions, then try taking the help of music or some soothing sound. When you immerse in that sound, you are able to concentrate and focus. With this, you make your meditation practice better and soon after this, become a pro in this.

  • 09) Recite a Mantra

    Reciting continuous mantras or syllables makes your meditation practice stronger and better. You can recite it loudly or silently in your mind. With this, you start developing focus on a single point and later practice with proficiency. Using mantras while meditating is very common in transcendental meditation. With this, you are able to stay calm and focused during the whole practice.

  • 10) Don't judge yourself

    You are a beginner, doing it for the first time, you are not a pro in this. So, stop judging your daily practice. If you have not done it well today then maybe the next day is the best for you. Or probably if the practice is not like the earlier way, then that doesn't mean you are not able to perform it better. So, don't compare your practice every day. This is the foremost rule for Meditation.