Why Do I Fall Asleep During Meditation?


Sleeping while doing Meditation is one of the common errors or obstacle occur when a beginner yogi starts the Meditation Practices in life. Does this happen with you that you are doing a Meditation listening to the beautiful music or mantra and after 20 minutes you wake up when the music is already finished and some drool is spread on your face and you remember that you snored just now?

If yes, it is a very common obstacle while a yogi starts the Meditation practice. I remember while doing Meditation in 2009, my mother used to give me a glass of milk after dinner, and I kept it aside to cool. After that, I wrote something in the diary, took some sips of Milk, and decided to meditate with music. Immediately after 20 Minutes listening to the beautiful Indian Flute and Sitar meditation music I was sleeping sitting in meditation pose. After some time, I snored and so on, suddenly I realize that I have to meditate, I woke up, Meditate for some time and again the same. Finally, I decided to sleep well and I took the same milk in Morning when I wake up.

What are the reasons of falling asleep during meditation?

Here are some reasons for falling asleep while Meditation. What I understood in last 11 years:
1. Meditation on bed
2. Choosing your sleeping time as Meditation time
3. Doing Meditation after a big meal
4. Lying down while Meditation
5. Choosing relaxation music such as River Sound with Flute
6. Not taking proper sleep from many days
7. Targetting the Meditation as relaxation
8. Meditation in the night time
9. Not setting up a goal for Meditation
10. Overthinking
11. Not being in the present moment
12. Telling a lie to yourself that I am not feeling tired before start
13. Losing the control of weight on shoulders
14. Not straightening the spinal cord
15. Looking downward-facing while start

How to control sleep during the Meditation?

Here is what I did for controlling my sleep during Meditation:
Usually, I always did my Meditation at night time, because I found that night time is more peaceful and mind is so quiet this time. But the problem was that I was always tired by night time and my mind always gave the order to the body to sleep. But I changed my lifestyle to control my mind.

First of all, I did not take any heavy meal and I took more and more water every day. Just before the Meditation, I used to walk for some steps fastly, and after sometimes I splashed the face with cold water. Meditation gives us more than what is not in the list of our desires so I always gave more priority to Meditation. I separated my place of Meditation from the bed.

For some days, before Meditation, I chewed some cardamom that helped me to do more meditation. I kept my eyelids straight while doing Meditation because if the direction of eyelids is downwards, you may sleep. I focused on my third eye and prayed to God that I am doing something for awareness, so, please bless me with amazing results.

I slapped to myself when I was dozing off or snoring and said to myself that I am not on the earth for sleeping, I am here to awakening. The mind needs practice, so It took some time but in the end, I overcame.

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