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Guided Meditation

Shaping your imagination or thoughts with another person's voice is Guided Meditation.

Imagination is power. Whatever we imagine, our mind has the power to visualize it which in turn helps us physically in achieving the Goal. When you watch a movie with complete focus, you got lost in it completely. You start imagining yourself as the most powerful character. This is the power of imagination.

When you listen to the music, you start imagining the lyrics. You are still but not your mind. Your mind goes with the lyrics and whatever you were feeling vanishes suddenly. New feelings or thoughts start impacting your mindset.

Our body works the way our mind wants. When we are mentally positive and healthy; then we can stay physically fit. All physical ailments start from mental disturbances.

Guided Meditation is the way to think the way you want to think.

"Please note that the blog is for information purposes. It is better to take a class or session of Guided Meditation before starting it on your own. You can also join Online & Offline Meditation Courses and Programs at Real Happiness India as per your choice. Visit the link www.realhappiness.org"

What is Guided Meditation?

Now, let's understand Guided Meditation in detail.

Guided Meditation is a "Meditation done with the help of a guide". The guide can be a teacher or an instructor. It is the easiest way to enter a state of deep meditation and inner peace. It is one of the most powerful ways to eliminate stress and bring about positive personal changes.

Guided meditation can be experienced in the classroom with the help of a teacher or by listening to a recording. Most guided meditation follows this general approach. The meditation works on the voice of another person. Mind is so powerful that it can easily assume the thing said to it. While focusing on a single point, the Mind imagines the thoughts as per the voice. 

When you help your child to sleep, you start singing lullabies or telling a story. Why do you do so? It helps your child in sleeping but how does this work? It is also a type of guided meditation. You always try to tell an interesting story with imaginary characters. Why? Because these types of stories are interesting and something new. It helps in playing with the mind of the child. The child starts dreaming of the fantasy world you are telling via your stories. Closing eyes and imagining the dream world take them to a night of deep and relaxed sleep.

How a Guided Meditation Session Looks Like?

Your meditation teacher will ask you to sit comfortably or in some cases may ask you to lie down. You then listen to your teacher. Then they take you through a series of fantasy scenes. This relaxes your mind and makes you more and more stable. After some time your stress goes away, and your mind becomes clearer.

When you are in this deeply relaxed state of mind, your subconscious mind is open to positive suggestions, and your meditation teacher will use this time to take you on an inner journey that will be described as one or more of your life. It is designed to improve more aspects.

Guided meditation may be meant to build personal empowerment and positive thinking. Another guided meditation may focus on emotional healing or spiritual growth. You can go on a guided tour to realize your full potential, or you can simply choose to go on a guided meditation tour to experience profoundly deep relaxation.

As you can see now, guided meditation can be an experience that is not only relaxing but one that enhances your self-knowledge. It changes your outlook in a positive way and motivates you to live your life to the fullest.

It is a comfortable and very pleasant experience. Guided meditation will bring you back to a state of awareness, leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed. Guided meditation can be as long as 5 minutes or up to an hour, depending on your personal preference or current time.

In most cases, 15 minutes or more of guided meditation is recommended if you want to experience a really deep state of relaxation or maximize the positive benefits of meditation.

How Can Guided Meditation be Practiced?

Ideally, your guided meditation will include the voice of an instructor or a teacher who cooks up interesting stories which you will then visualize. Apart from this, it also includes calming meditation music which will help you to relax even more. Some guided meditations incorporate nature sounds to help us visualize. For example, if you were asked to imagine standing in a forest, you would hear the sound of birds and trees.

Most traditional types of meditation require you to focus your attention in one place and increase your awareness. It could be your breath, a physical action, or it could be a mantra, sound, word or phrase that you mentally repeat to yourself in order to stabilize your focus.

While these powerful traditional meditation techniques are wonderful for achieving inner peace and increasing your ability to focus, some people find it difficult to meditate in this manner. It is for this reason that guided meditation is such a popular alternative to traditional meditation techniques.

Guided meditation does not require training or effort to be enjoyed. Your teachers guide you well. Because guided meditation is so simple, it is very useful for people who are new to meditation.

However, guided meditation can also be of great benefit to those who are very experienced in meditation. Experienced meditators will still use guided meditation because they can experience a deeper meditation. Guided meditation uses your imagination to bring about positive personal changes in you.

When a practitioner or a trainer guides you, he will play from your mind. The practitioner creates a situation which will soothe your soul, calming the mind. You will enter into the world of visualisation. You will heal from the issues you were suffering from. Guided Meditation relieves your past traumas and physical ailments. The imaginary stories or fantasies cooked by the practitioner include many relieving parts.

Benefits of Guided Meditation

We have all been suffering from a pandemic for a long. The thing is, we have a cure still we are not opting for it. The pandemic is stress. Like a mite, stress is destroying our mental peace. If seen, nowadays everyone is suffering from it. Some are fighting with their personal problems, some are stressed about their professional lives, some have issues with family or friends, and some are tackling health issues but the common aspect is, Stress is everywhere.

Meditation is the cure to stress. Guided Meditation is the best and easy way to cure it. When you imagine the day you want, you simply end the stress of all day. This is the first and prime benefit of Guided Meditation.

Let's have a look over its other benefits.

  • Increases Self Awareness

    With the regular practice of Guided Meditation, it is easy to increase self-awareness. When you understand the happenings of your body and surroundings, then you become self-aware. When you are free from all thoughts and feelings then you can listen to the voice of your inner soul, and you will be able to understand its needs. This will subsequently increase your power of self-awareness.

  • Throughs Away Negativity

    Negativity is the source of all ailments. When you are surrounded by negative thoughts or feelings then you are not able to control yourself. As result, you will suffer from many types of mental and physical challenges. Carrying negative thoughts always with you never let you fight with problems, indeed it will increase your problems. Negativity arises when you don't get what you wanted. With Guided Meditation, you are able to live that dream or life of your choice. Eventually, you can calm negative emotions inside you. Meditation is a strong power which helps you induce positive thoughts inside you.

  • Makes You Creative

    Imagination is such a strong power which helps you in developing a creative power inside you. When it's about imagination and creativity, Guided Meditation will surely help you. When a teacher or instructor narrates a story or an incident, the creative power of your mind starts to visualize the words. You start imagining the scenario with the words spoken creating a positive and new power in your mind and thoughts. You just have to go with the flow of words and then need to imagine the scenes by putting together the scenes or splitting them apart. In this way, Guided Meditation helps in making you more and more creative.

  • Strengthens Patience

    When you meditate regularly, you develop patience inside you. Patience is somewhat lacking in today's life. We are so much obsessed with the ease that we want everything as fast as possible. Guided Meditation working on the command or words of another person lets you imagine a different world. That world has a completely different perspective and life. Not moving so fast, the imaginary world develops a slow-paced life where no technology is making you impatient. With this, you will be able to develop the quality of having patience.

  • Relives Anxiety

    Anxiety develops when you are stressed over a thing repeatedly or when your mind immediately responds negatively to a situation. It is also defined as a continuous fear or worry about any situation. It seems to be normal but it destroys your mental peace to the core. The bad part is people look for toxic ways to end this anxiety, such as smoking, drinking, clubbing, etc. This might reduce anxiety but creates many types of diseases. The best and safe way to reduce Anxiety is Meditation. And when it becomes Guided Meditation, then there can be no better match than this. Meditation filters the negativity from the mind by creating a calm and composed environment for you. It helps you overcome fear or worries making it easy for you to relieve anxiety. Guided Meditation simply detaches you from harmful thoughts and controls your mind.

  • Increases Attention

    So many thoughts, so many ideas, so many issues, so many problems; these are forcefully entering our minds making us incapable to focus on a single thing. Nowadays, the attention span becomes so short that our focus ends before starting properly. During the session of Guided Meditation, you have to visualize the word by creating the focus or attention to each word said. Though you might find it difficult in starting yet as you keep practicing, you will create attentive power and starts to focus. Attention not only helps in meditation but it will also help you in day-to-day life. Your attention will gradually increase and your mind starts creating a focus on the particular object.

  • Cures Insomnia

    Carrying loads of stress and tension leads to a lack of sleep. Your body wants to relax but your mind doesn't allow it. As a result, you suffer sleepless nights. Insomnia is becoming a bigger problem in modern times. Almost everyone is fighting with this. It happens due to a messed schedule and improper sleep cycle. To cure this, people often take sleeping pills. It will help you sleep instantly but it is also true that it invites many diseases in future. With Guided Meditation, a relaxation response is created helping you in correcting the sleep cycle. It will also increase melatonin level in the brain which help in proper sleep.

  • Better Physical Health

    As discussed earlier, many physical ailments start from a disturbed mind. When your mind is disturbed by a thought or situation, then your body feels low and weak. This is the start of physical issues. Whatever we imagine will at some point becomes a problem to deteriorate the health. Practicing Guiding Meditation on a regular basis shows a positive effect on the body. It helps in curing many issues such as unstable blood pressure, Thyroid, Migraine, and so. In simple words, if you wish for a healthy and fit life, then you would start doing meditation today.