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How to Meditate?


Meditation is a practice of awareness and it is a total practice. Awareness is the main goal of humans. Meditation is not done by just sitting with closed eyes because closing eyes is equal to sleeping or taking nap. So what to do after closing the eyes? and this is the main question that is answered in this blog. Of course, You can learn how to Meditate but you have to practice it after knowing it.Practicing can make you perfect in controlling the mind and using it in the right direction.

In this blog, we will share some tips on Meditation that are for beginners and people who are busy in life and can't meditate regularly.
No matter if you are in the office or at home, you can practice it anytime and anywhere. In the office, if you have some colleagues nearby, just use the Meditation music that helps you to disconnect from the outer world.


The duration of this beginner meditation is 20 minutes and 20 seconds and at the end of the blog, we will share the link of music which is made with love by our team and has the Himalayan Bell sound for healing your body and mind.


Meditation is something that can reset your brain and remove the stress of work that comes every day. The brain is like a machine and when the machine works, it is heated genuinely. Meditation makes the brain calm and peaceful and makes it ready for the next task.

Taking a break from the hectic work will make you super productive to work more and motivates you to do quality work instead of fast work. Work is a never-ending process. As much as you work, as more as work will be there for you. In Srimad Bhagavad GitaLord Krishna said to Arjuna that humans can never be without any actions (karma) and each action comes with a reaction and that motivates again for new action.

During the work, some negative thoughts or emotions come that can affect the work. Meditation will help you to stop these thoughts and Emotions. The Meditation increases the patience level and tolerance. It also helps to reduce overthinking and unnecessary multi-dimensional thinking. Overall, Meditation is the medicine of the mind which is like ayurvedic medicine, it never gives any side effects but works slowly-slowly and cures the mind permanently.


Meditation is not a religious practice because it was started thousands of years ago when there was no religion. Religion is simply a community that follows the same rules and regulations and all followers are following the same things. Hence, religion is not a bad idea because it has the freedom that you can choose to follow or leave it. No religion is bad until it crosses your freedom. Every religion has something that describes closing eyes and saying thanks to God or praying in front of God but it is not as same as meditation.

If any religion is telling you to follow some special prayers that are delivering some good vibes and positive energy in life, it is not the same as Meditation. Meditation is a practice of awareness that has to be practiced for wellness for self and others. If any Meditation includes the special mantra or phrase, that is called mantra meditation or transcendental (TM) which you can do or skip but can do some simple meditation such as mindfulnessvipassana, and many more that are not associated with anything that you will not understand.


There are some chances that the family does not support the Meditation Practitioner or performer. In this case, you need to talk with love to the family that whatever you are doing is just for calming the mind and relaxation. It is not for that you will start to give the mantra to people and become a guru/master, but you are doing it for yourself because the doctors and modern science say it.

By the time you meditate, yourfamily and colleagues will be able to see the changes in your body, mind and communications, they will definitely ask you about what is the secret behind these positive changes. It will happen slowly but it will happen surely. So do not try to make understand your friends and family by the knowledge you are gaining, but surprise them with your positive results.



The practice of Meditation is quite different from Yoga Postures because, in Meditation, you need complete silence. So meditating alone is recommended, not only alone but by closing the door so as not to get disturbed.

If someone enters the room slowly, you will be disturbed. If someone stares at you, you will be disturbed, so better to meditate alone. Silence is the voice of the universe. When silence comes in life, life goes for maximum possibilities. When the body feels the silence around, it is easy to be silent from the inside. So quiet the environment around you, the body will be silent too.

If you want to Meditate in the office and you work with your colleagues and you do not have any separate room, you can make a habit to notify others and take a break from communication and apply silence for a specific time.



Now time to play beautiful music and listen to it carefully. The music should be calm and peaceful because our body and mind will love it.
The sound of river water, sound bowl, Tibetan gong, flute, sitar and other instruments music can be used for music.

We recommend the Himalayan sound bell music and it will make you feel amazing because it is the original music of the bell and it will distract the disturbance around you. Music not only helps to stop the disturbance but also has some vibrations which can crack some of our blocks to run energy well.

The music also helps to improve the focus and concentration to Meditate well. In Meditation, you can feel just 20 minutes like you have done for 1 hour but when you listen to the meditation music, you just enjoy the time you are spending.



Now start to come to the present moment and focus on your breath. For focusing on the breath well, you have to imagine the picture of your nostrils in mind and visualize the breath going in and out from them. Make your nostrils like the gateways to life-force as your breath is going in and coming out.

Do not try to stop the thoughts, because stopping the thoughts is a very strong thought itself. So be in the present observing each thought that comes and let it be. Do not try to judge your thoughts and do not react to them.

Keeping the mind focused on your forehead or third eye will surely help you to live in the present moment. If you just wash your face with cold water and do not wipe it strongly, it will also help you to keep the focus on the recent moment.



Now, start to scan your head, scan simply means try to imagine the outer parts of your head in your mind without opening your eyes. Start from the forehead, go down slowly to the eyes, nose, mouth, chin, and so on. Repeat again from down to upwards. Keep doing in slow motion for 4-5 times.

After scanning the head, now come to the forehead and now make the scanning radius small slowly and at the end just move to the third eye. The third eye is positioned between 2 eyes or eyebrows. Now on the third eye, make the scanning radius slowly-slowly smaller than before.

Head scanning is a quick Meditation technique that is shorter than body scanning because a body scan takes more time. When you scan the head, your mind becomes the camera or binocular and scans the head and that is something new for the mind. The mind always needs to explore something new so it will be stable to scan.



No movement in the body is recommended. As much as you try to save energy in the body, as much as the energy will be centralized in your body and you will be meditating for a long time. Energy is like seawater, if you stable it in your body, you will be able to see things deeply.

When you keep continuing this process, all your energy comes at some of your points such as the third eye which are major energy points in our body. After it, now time to open the eyes. Always open the eyes slowly, because that will help you to be with that energy for a long time.

Make your body stable and constant still just like feeling the absolutely nothing. You will feel like you have to move your body for some seconds but trust me, that is just an illusion, nothing will happen if you do not move your body for 20 minutes.

About Author: Sanjjay Raturi
The Seeker, Writer, Himalayan Philosopher
Sanjjay Raturi "Sagar" was born into a Brahmin family in the North Indian Himalayas. He has been connected to spirituality since birth, growing up in a beautiful place near the source of the holy river Ganges. This led him to start practicing mantra chanting and meditation during his childhood.
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