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Why is Meditation Important? 6 Facts You Need to Know

In today's hi-tech and hectic life, we easily fall prey to over-excitement. Our busy lives only give us a clue to move on. Apart from this, the electronic devices in our hands take us in a different digital direction, where finding inner peace becomes very difficult for us.

Meditation is a great way to focus on one single aspect attaining peace and calmness. It teaches us to live in the present so that we can enjoy the good times with better management of the effort. Further Meditation is the practice which is helping us to stay connected with our true spirit.

Here in this article, we are explaining 6 facts which you need to know if you are carrying even a single doubt in this mindfulness practice.

1) Meditation is the real stress buster

There are thousands of reasons for stress in the present lifestyle. Regular practice of meditation is very beneficial to relieve mental stress. Meditation is an age-old yoga technique that you can practice to create harmony between body, mind and spirit. By meditating or practicing meditation daily, you get peace of mind and happy hormones are released in the body. To overcome mental stress, depression and anxiety etc., definitely include meditation in your daily routine. By meditating or practicing meditation for 10 minutes to 30 minutes daily, you can relieve stress and keep the body healthy

2) Meditation and Yoga are also found in the evidences of Indus Valley Civillization

Yoga was practiced extensively in the Indus-Saraswati Valley Civilization from 2700 BC onwards. When there were no religions in the world, even before that, yoga is being practiced. Several remains and seals of the Indus-Saraswati Valley Civilization with ancestors performing yoga suggest the presence of yoga in India.

Some of the paintings present in the old wall art of the Indus Valley from 3,500 BC give evidence of meditation. Along with the classic yoga poses in the pictures, some such images are seen in which one is cross-legged with the hands on the feet and the eyes slightly closed.

3) Big Companies organise Meditation Programs for their employees or team mates

Do you want to know how rapidly the practice of meditation is growing worldwide? Some of the big international companies like Google and Nike regularly organise Meditation Program for their employees and team members. Google is a multinational Technology Company of American origin. Similarly, Nike is also an American Multinational corporation involved in footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories, and services. 

Both the companies offers more than a dozen meditation courses to enhance the emotional intelligence of its employees, improve mental focus and improve listening skills. They organize such programs for their employees so that their stress is reduced, their mental health remains healthy and they do not miss work. The practice is also used to encourage employees for new goals.

4) Meditation needs to perform before a meal

In meditation, the whole body has to be focused on one point, in the meantime you should not think about other things. It would be better if you meditate before meals or in the morning. If you start meditating right after you eat, you will get a lot of sleep because your body will be involved in digesting food and other complex processes. In such a situation, you will be distracted from meditation and then you will experience sleep. Therefore it will be more beneficial to meditate before eating food.

5) Meditation is the way to a happy night of sleep

About half the population has been suffering from insomnia at some point. One study compared mindfulness-meditation programs and found that people who meditated were more successful at getting longer sleep. Once you become proficient in Meditation or mindfulness activity, you become able to control the rushing thoughts into your mind. The thoughts which lead to insomnia or sleeplessness. The practice further helps you relax your body, releasing stress and eventually keeps you in a peaceful state. No doubt Meditation is the easiest and finest way to overcome the problem of irregular sleep cycle.

6) Meditation should be performed in the open area

It is always better to meditate in the open as your body can feel an active connection with Mother Nature in this way. Also the cool breeze and wind blowing around you, along with the gentle sound of birds has a divinely calming effect on your mind and can also work wonders to make you feel awake while meditating. So, use these methods and practice meditation without sleep efficiently. And if you are performing it inside a room or a hall, then make sure that there is proper ventilation.