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A Vedic Meditation Centre

Real Happiness® (Meditation Brand India) is one of the top schools located in Rishikesh, India offering advanced Meditation Teacher Training (MTT), Beginners Courses, Retreats for self and more. The school offers Online & Offline Meditation, Diploma in Trainings, Retreats, Ayurveda, Wellness and Holistic Programs, Indian Culture and Spirituality-focused programs, and much more. We have Advanced Meditation Teacher Training Programs for those who want to become Meditation Teachers, Instructors or Organizers.

For beginners level students, we have many programs such as a 1-week Meditation Retreat, 2 weeks Meditation Program, Silent Meditation Courses, an Indian Philosophy study program, and Kundalini Meditation Training. If you are not from a spiritual background, you can start from the beginning and get profound results. The courses designed for only beginners can be so helpful if you are facing problems like stress, anxiety, and depression. Meditation Teacher Training in India at Real Happiness will help you experience various ancient meditation techniques. The courses at our meditation centre will give you benefits at physical, mental and emotional levels.

For advanced-level students, we have advanced trainings such as Kundalini Meditation Training, Ayurveda Course, Srimad Bhagavad Geeta Philosophy, Advance Lifestyle Sadhana course and much more. Because whatever you don't know is always in a larger amount than what you know. So, we have seen the world from a new window and we are ready to share our experiences.

Real Happiness is an Indian Brand of Meditation helped thousands of people worldwide. We are located in Rishikesh, India with the vision of spreading happiness. Real Happiness® is proudly an Indian Private Limited Company under the Government of India company act 2013 (Ministry of Corporate Affairs - MCA) and registered copyright & trademark as the word Real Happiness® and its logo under Trademark Act 1999 (Class 41, 42, and AN 4398438 and 4715285).

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28 Days Meditation Course

Want to become a teacher? Join our 4 weeks Meditation TTC (Teacher Training Course).

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15 Days Meditation Course

The 15 Days Meditation Program is best for those who are beginners and want to explore India.

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Kundalini Teacher Training

Want to become Kundalini Yoga Meditation Teacher? Join our advance course!

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Popular Retreats

Meditation Retreats
The retreat helps you to feel peace, stillness and a refreshing body and mind.
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Yoga Retreats for Self
Yoga Retreats for the harmony of body and mind as well as strength and Flexibility.
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Kundalini Retreat
Kundalini Yoga Meditation Retreat to understand the divine power of Kundalini to transform in life.
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Ayurveda Retreat
Learn Ayurveda for understanding life and getting a healthy body to increase vitality.
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Booking Seats Availability

April 2023 Fully Booked May 2023 2 Seats left June 2023 9 Seats left
July 2023 6 Seats left August 2023 10 Seats left September 2023 10 Seats left
October 2023 10 Seats left November 2023 7 Seats left December 2023 10 Seats left

Our Locations

Why Choose us

Peaceful Location

We have an incredible view of the Garhwal Himalayas, and a beautiful garden with plenty of sunshine and greenery is here to soothe your soul.

94% Money Refund

We have a 94% refundable policy, which means that if you are unable to attend the course, you will be refunded 94% of your course fees. *Applying on after July 2023 bookings

Deep Study

Our study pattern is professional and Deep, We offer a variety of courses and retreats to help you change your body, mind and soul.

Teachers are yogis

We have a team of experienced yoga teachers who have many years of experience in their subject and have become true yogis.

Caring Team

We have a great team of people who look after you and assist you throughout your stay to ensure that you are happy and healthy.

10 years Experience

We have 10 years of experience offering meditation and yoga in Rishikesh. We believe in quality teaching and passing on ancient knowledge.
Certification & Awards

Real Happiness®

Meditation in office

  • Corporate Programs
  • Meditation at workplace
  • Mindfulness at Work
Start Meditation Now

If you are a company or entrepreneur, and you want to increase your employee's focus, concentration and productivity at work office, Join our corporate meditation programs specially designed for working persons.

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Meditation Programs

Nourish your body, mind and soul

Real Happiness® offers an opportunity to learn the various styles of Meditation Techniques with profound theory and practice. With the practical background of Meditation, our teachers are able to solve each and everything that comes into your mind as a beginner or advanced practitioner. We teach Meditation by following the Vedic Culture and Vedas which are the most ancient books ever on earth.

Meditation Benefits

Study and Practice of Meditation
  • Learn how to remain calm
  • Clear your level of focus
  • Increase your awareness level
  • Boost your working ability
  • Be relaxed in every moment
  • Build up concentration and attention
  • Intensify brain intelligence and silence
  • Improve your mood and relationships
  • Enhance memory power
  • Rise your integrity
  • Increase your sympathy
  • Become more creative
  • Find your inner peace
  • Create the power of imagination
  • Refine your decision-making ability
  • Increase the power of understanding

What is Meditation?

A complete practice of awareness

The thousands of people in the world are still confused about Meditation or they think that Meditation is just sitting calmly with closed eyes.

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Yoga Retreats
Relaxing & Rejuvenating Retreat

The world is running so fast, leaving many important aspects behind. Change is the prime rule of nature. India is still not a part of this change. The country is connected to its traditions and cultural roots, making it the finest place to live. In our retreat programs, we give you an opportunity to learn Yoga in India and Meditation and explore the rich Indian culture.

The idea is pretty simple, do Yoga & Meditation Classes in the morning. In the daytime, spend your quality time in the temples, ashrams, near the River Ganga, cafes, and markets. In Retreats, you will learn Yoga Postures, Body Cleansing, Meditation, Pranayama Techniques, Mantra Chanting and other spiritual aspects. The Retreats include stay, food, classes, practicals, pick up and drop off to the nearest airport, and more. Dissever yourself - Detach your body from the stress, anxiety and other diseases. feel peace and awareness of thoughts.

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Meditation Retreats
Tranquilize your mind and soul

Meditation Retreats are an opportunity to learn Indian Techniques of Meditation as well as the tradition and culture. In this meditation retreat, the student learns yoga asanas and pranayama, shatkarma, meditation theory, mantra chanting and more. The education seeker and nomad travelers who want to explore the Rishikesh, India in a pilgrim way, this retreat is the best fit for them.

This retreat is not only study-focused but also has an everyday tour to explore the nearby tourist attractions such as natural waterfall, ashrams, heritage and much more. Breathtaking mountain views stay and tasty Sattvic Indian food will give your body and mind a miraculous feeling. Find your inner peace and balance, nourish your inner self, get the real serenity, discover the secret ways to be happy and healthy with Yoga and Meditation.

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meditation in india

Meditation Centre in India

Real Happiness® offers the course and retreats focused on self-realization and awareness which helps to balance between mind and heart, harmonize the soul, enhance life quality, and much more.

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meditation blog

Blog for Yoga and Meditation

Updated on: 01 June, 2023

Our Blog delivers ancient knowledge regularly on some trending topics such as How to meditate? Written by the Himalayan Master of meditation, the articles will enhance your knowledge.

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