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Meditation Philosophy Yoga Course in Rishikesh

Located in Rishikesh, Real Happiness Meditation School offers a 9 day Yoga Meditation Philosophy Course in India, best suited for students who want to learn Meditation Philosophy and Geeta Philosophy.

The Bhagavad Gita represents a synthesis collection of Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga (Gyaan), Sanyasa Yoga, Dhyana Yoga, and a total of 18 chapters on Yoga.

The Indian Yoga Meditation Philosophy Study attracts thousands of students towards exploring the Indian Vedic Study System and Culture. We invite you to learn and pursue the Gita Philosophy as said by Lord Krishna in the era of Mahabharata. Come and join our Spiritual Yoga Philosophy Course and Retreats in Rishikesh and deepen your knowledge.

Indian Yoga Meditation Philosophy

Start Your Inner Journey

Whether you are a neophyte in the spiritual world or you want to go deeper into your meditation or spiritual journey, attending our Meditation Philosophy course on Shrimad Bhagavad Geeta is an ideal way to deepen your understanding of Yoga and Meditation. Explore the meditation philosophy at Real Happiness Meditation School in Rishikesh with a sublime panoramic view of the temples, lush green hills, and the sanctified river Ganges.

This 9-day Bhagavad Gita Philosophy Program helps you understand the practical approach behind every circumstance of life, enables you to find inner peace, let go of negativity and stress, build self-confidence, develop a more positive state of mind, and dive into the spiritual path. The course gives a detailed understanding of the fundamental ideas on which meditation practice is based and the ways in which it has developed over the millennia.

Our Meditation Philosophy is based on the Bhagavad Geeta, which invites students to cultivate a meaningful understanding of meditation that will build a strong foundation for lifelong practice. Over the Indian Yoga Meditation Philosophy Course of nine days, you will study the ideas of traditional meditative practice and embark on a journey of self-discovery, unlocking deeper inner wisdom.

Srimad Bhagavad Geeta - Scripture Study India

The Srimad Bhagavad Gita is one of the most popular scriptures that fits humans in all situations in life. This is a situational quotation and conversation between Lord Krishna and Warrior Arjuna during the war of Mahabharata in the Dvapara Yuga. The Geeta provides answers to all questions that we face in our normal life.


Karma Yoga Study

You will gain deep knowledge of Karma Yoga (the yoga of action), how to perform Karma, how to synchronize Karma with results, rules of Karma, and much more.


Bhakti Yoga Study

Bhakti Yoga lets you learn yoga as Bhakti (Pure Devotion) and also makes you familiar with its rules and terms. No rules are applied to Bhakti, but if you are a beginner, it's better to learn from the basics.


Dhyana Yoga

In Geeta, by Lord Krishna, Dhyana Yoga (Meditation) is mentioned in a deep and unique way, which is more than just closing the eyes and sitting for some hours.


Sanyasa Yoga

Sanyasa is explained by Lord Krishna in Gita as the life stage of renunciation. It is a great sacrifice that is necessary after living the Karma Yoga Life.

Course Inclusion

  • 08 Nights & 09 Days Accommodation
  • Daily Yogic Food & Tea/Juices
  • 700 Shlokas of Geeta Deep Study
  • Daily Yoga Stretching Class
  • Daily Pranayama Class
  • Daily Mantra Chanting Session
  • Daily Evening Pooja/Aarti
  • Hiking to Natural Waterfall Visit
  • Local Sightseeing
  • Hiking/Ancient Temple Visit
  • Satsang Once in a Week
  • Meditation Session on the Banks of River Ganga

Meditation Philosphy Course Dates 2024 - 2025

01 - 09 June 2024 Fully Booked 01 - 09 July 2024 08 Seats left 01 - 09 August 2024 08 Seats left
01 - 09 September 2024 Fully Booked 01 - 09 October 2024 07 Seats left 01 - 09 November 2024 08 Seats left
01 - 09 December 2024 07 Seats left 01 - 09 January 2025 08 Seats left 01 - 09 February 2025 08 Seats left
01 - 09 March 2025 08 Seats left 01 - 09 April 2025 08 Seats left 01 - 09 May 2025 08 Seats left
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Syllabus, Ability and Dates

The 13 Hours practice, theory classes, food, cultural activities, karma yoga, body cleansing techniques, mind cleansing techniques, Vedic Srimad Bhagavad Gita Philosophy/Practice (all chapters), Yagna, Nitya Vandana, Chanting Sanskrit Mantras are the main syllabus parts of the course.

Yoga Asana (Postures)
  • About Yoga
  • Yoga Benefits
  • Indian Traditional Yoga
  • Guidelines of Yoga Class
  • About Vedic Ascetic Practices
  • Yoga as Karma & Bhakti

Meditative Postures

  • Sukhasana
  • Swastikasana
  • Sidhasana
  • Padmasana

Standing Postures

  • Surya Namaskara A & B
  • Trikonasana & variation
  • Parshvakonasana & variation

Balancing Postures

  • Utthita Hasta Padangushtana
  • Vrikshasana

Inversion Postures

  • Sirsasana
  • Pinchamayurasana
  • Halasana
  • Sarvangasana

Twisting Postures

  • Merubakrasana
  • Ardhamatsyendrasana

Back-Bend Postures

  • Shalabhasana
  • Dhanurasana
  • Ushtrasana
  • Urdhwa Mukha Svanasana
  • Chakrasana
  • Rajkapotasana

Forward-Bend Postures

  • Janu Shirasana ( A, B, & C)
  • Paschimotanasana ( A, B, C & D)
  • Padangushtana
  • Adho Mukha Svanasana
  • Prasarita Padottanasana

Restorative Postures:

  • Balasana
  • Sashankasana
  • Viparita Karani
  • Makarasana
  • Savasana
  • Supta Matsyendrasana
  • Supta Badha Konasana
Shatkarma (Yogic Cleansing)
  • About Shatkarma
  • Benefits of Shatkarma
  • Jal Neti
  • Sutra Neti
  • Kunjal Kriya (Vaman)
Pranayama (Breathing Controls)
  • What is Pranayama?
  • Benefits of Pranayama
  • Ujjayi Pranayama
  • Nadi Shodhana Pranayama
  • Kapalabhati Pranayama
  • Surya/Chandra Bhedana
  • Sheetali and Sheetkari
  • Bhramari Pranayama
  • Anulom-vilom
Meditation Philosophy (Darshana)
  • Bhagavad Gita Philosophy
  • Kundalini
  • Chakras
  • Sadhana
Teaching Methodology (Adhyapan)
  • Techniques of Teaching
  • Marketing
  • Basic Class Plans
  • Student and Teacher Guidelines
Yoga Mudras
  • Shambhavi Mudra
  • Gyan Mudra
  • Chin Mudra
  • Prana Mudra
  • Dhyana Mudra
  • Viparita Karani Mudra
  • Tadagi Mudra
  • Shanmukhi Mudra
  • Kaki Mudras
  • Jalandhar Bandha
  • Uddiyan Bandha
  • Mool Bandha

The ability we need for the course is your great interest, carefully listening and understanding, no argument attitude, no ego, just accepting nature creations and flowing with life easily.

Adhyayas (Chapters) of Bhagavad Gita

  • Arjuna Vishada Yoga
  • Sankhya Yoga
  • Karma Yoga
  • Jnana Karma Sanyasa Yoga
  • Karma Sanyasa Yoga
  • Dhyana Yoga
  • Jnana Vignana Yoga
  • Akshara Brahma Yoga
  • Rajavidya Rajaguhya Yoga
  • Vibhuti-Vistara-Yoga
  • Visvarupa-Darsana Yoga
  • Bhakti Yoga
  • Ksetra-Ksetrajna Vibhaga Yoga
  • Gunatraya-Vibhaga Yoga
  • Purushottama Yoga
  • Daiva Asura Sampat Vibhaga Yoga
  • Shraddhatraya Vibhaga Yoga
  • Moksha-Sanyasa Yoga