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The use of vibrations such as Gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, and Tuning forks do relax the mind and the body. It is also believed that the same can relieve certain ailments such as anxiety and insomnia.

Sound healers do function by working on lowering blood pressure, improving circulation, and also reducing respiratory rates. The benefits of music and meditation on well-being can be achieved through sound healing.


  • It is very relaxing

    Deep relaxation is one of the most powerful benefits of sound therapy. The sounds permeate our system bringing it back to harmony. A sound healing session relaxation on its own is totally worth it. With our busy schedules, we can all use some chill vibes.

  • It clears energetic blockages

    Experiencing deep healing during sound therapy as the sound vibrations open, clear, and balance the chakras and then release stuck energy. Consider it equivalent to an energetic deep tissue massage that leaves you feeling replenished.

    You feel physical sensations like tingling in your hands or a sense of being hot or cold. Breathe into such sensations without attaching to them allowing the sensation to pass.

  • Boost your health

    Benefits include better sleep, reduction of chronic pain plus blood pressure, lowered cholesterol levels, and a decreased risk of heart disease. Please note: for professional help with these ailments, book an appointment with a certified medical practitioner.

  • Support System for mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being

    Sound Healing heals on the mental and emotional levels. Sound healing reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. It balances and clears the mind leading to a renewed sense of purpose, well-being, calm, and more happiness.

    How does the sound healing session take place?

    With most alternative healing modalities, everyone’s experience is different, and new things do come up in each session. Most people do feel peaceful during a sound healing session; some move to have visualizations, some do receive creative downloads and some may have an emotional breakthrough.

    In fact, some may even go to “the place,” that is a mental state in which you are not quite awake and not quite asleep. Possibly feels like floating in space. Meanwhile, some may emerge from the dreamy sound bath feeling more blessed. So, each experience is unique.


  • A sound bath

    During a sound bath, you will experience an extended savasana (corpse pose) like in a yoga class, you can lie down and relax comfortably while you are beautifully bathed in the healing vibrations of sound.

  • A private session

    If groups cannot be your thing and you do prefer one-on-one attention/ session, you can book a private sound healing session with a trained practitioner who will play instruments such as the Tibetan singing bowls and you can amazingly “bathe” in the sounds.

  • A solo session

    A notable and splendid reality of sound healing is that it is accessible to everyone and free to practice on your own accord. You can do this along with humming, chanting, and even singing.

    In fact, it is recommended to try humming to yourself for just two minutes and notice how your mood begins to make a shift. You may take notice to choose specific frequencies to hum that clear and balance the particular energy centers in your body as well.

    Listening to pre-recorded sessions is another easy way to experience the magic. In order to take your practice to the next level, it is suggested that you do invest in instruments and play them for yourself.

About Author: Sanjjay Raturi
The Seeker, Writer, Himalayan Philosopher
Sanjjay Raturi "Sagar" was born into a Brahmin family in the North Indian Himalayas. He has been connected to spirituality since birth, growing up in a beautiful place near the source of the holy river Ganges. This led him to start practicing mantra chanting and meditation during his childhood.
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