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Visualisation Meditation


Every one of you knows "Jim Carrey"; yes, one of the top movie stars in America. But do you know about his struggling days? The early 90s brought so much struggle and hard work for Carrey. But besides getting demotivated or hopeless, he decided to stay motivated with a trick. He wrote a cheque of $10 million for “acting services rendered” to himself dated 1994. Say it a miracle or his dedication, in the year 1994, He received a cheque for $10 million for his finest role in "Dumb and Dumber".

What do you get to know from this incident?

Some might say, it's a matter of time; some might exclaim it as a coincidence, and some consider it Carrey's hard work. All are right in their point of view. But one thing that is getting neglected is the "Power of Positive Visualisation".

"Visualisation Meditation is to create the scenario or picture of the aspect,
you are expecting to happen."

When we think of something, the image of all that is formed in our mind. This is called imagination or visualization. There are two types of imagination or visualization, one positive, and the other one is negative. Positive visualisation promotes health, whereas negative keeps on making us incapable. But do you believe in the power of positivity or the power of positive visualisation? If not, do it now because it has a huge impact on overall health. This is an exercise to boost your mental health. Think of positive visualisation as a mental exercise that will open your senses to focus on the positives while keeping the negatives aside. This is a practice that will bring your lost focus and concentration back on track.


Some of you definitely come up with this question. When Visualisation is the power of the mind then why can't I be able to visualise things? The answer to the question lies inside you. Your mind is surrounded by the chaos that it is not letting other things enter, be it is the power of visualisation. So much of responsibilities bring lots of daily challenges and unlimited stress. It is become really tough to deal with this. Your mind is completely packed with stress and the pressure to handle the stress. This results that you not getting time to dream, dream positively.


"The problem is you are not controlling the mind indeed
the mind is controlling you."

When you are able to control your mind then believe me 90% of the problems get solved. Being in your control means getting the thoughts you want to visualise. How to make this possible? We are going to tell you the finest method to control your mind and thoughts. It's none other than Meditation.

Like yoga is the complete exercise of the body, in a similar way, Meditation is the complete exercise of the mind. Just like our bodies, our minds need proper care. We often neglect it but this is the main factor controlling the body. Meditation helps in taking care of the mind in the most prominent way. It detaches our minds from negativity and unwanted stress, rather it occupies the brain with positive thoughts and clarity. It simply filters the mind. With Meditation, you can easily fight tension and stress.

Meditation is classified into various types. One among these is Visualisation Meditation.

As discussed earlier, Visualisation Meditation let us create positive pictures in the mind helping us to lead a happy and healthy life. While we are able to visualise thing, the bad habit of thinking negative side first make us suffer. We, human beings, are always open to negative thoughts first and keep aside the positive ones. Let us understand it with an example.

Seeing a tree loaded with many fruits on it; the mind might make two types of visualisation. The first one, oh wow! Its fruits will be very sweet and tasty. This is positive visualisation. Second, fruits are not special to look at, so probably, they will be not good to eat. But in reality, the problem is not in the fruit, it is in our thinking, it is in our negative visualization, which creates the same effect by thinking negatively.

To improve the problem of negative visualisation or to switch
from negative to positive visualisation, "Visualisation Meditation" is practiced.


In this blog, we will tell you to practice "Visualisation Meditation".

You can practice it in either of two ways; first performing the same like "MEDITATION" and second with the help of an "AUDIO PROGRAM".


Through meditation, you can have positive imagination or visualization. Meditation helps your mind to calm the body. It helps to remove negative thoughts to inspire positive thoughts. Pay attention to your breathing activity to eliminate negative thoughts. If you want, you can try Zen meditation or walking meditation.


Many people take the help of guided audio programs, which are given by mental health experts. It also helps you to build a positive attitude and visualize.

In this way, you make positive imagination or positive visualization. It is a powerful practice, which helps in building positivity and focus. It relieves stress and strengthens cognitive powers.


  • Sit comfortably in a sitting position (or you can also lay down as per the comfort).
  • Close your eyes.
  • Don't stress your senses and stay calm.
  • Make your body tension-free.
  • Relax your mind.
  • Clear any type of image from your mind.
  • Release queries from your mind.
  • As per the audio or voice of the trainee, visualise an image in your mind.
  • Focus on that image.
  • Use your breath to guide.
  • Inhale and Exhale as you continue visualisation.
  • Prevent your mind from getting other thoughts.
  • Stay mindful during the practice.


  • Boosts Confidence

    When we think positively, our self-confidence also increases. As we envision, the things that make us successful boost our confidence level. The more confident we feel, the closer we are to succeeding. Positivity instils confidence, which helps us to take the right and wise decisions.

  • Increases Concentration

    If you keep imagining what your aim is, it helps you focus more. It is a mental exercise where the more positive you think, the more you will be able to focus on your work. This exercise enhances your mental and cognitive abilities.

  • Source of Inspiration and Hope

    A positive attitude or imagination can bring a ray of hope and motivate you to keep going. This will help you to accomplish your goals and you will be able to succeed in your life.

  • Improves Performance

    With the regular practice of Visualisation Meditation, you will get determined to your goal. Once you become determined, you will follow the dream or visualisation, you have created in your mind. While working hard on it will surely improve your performance.

  • Increases Focus

    The more your mind is stable, the more you are able to focus on a single aspect. While practicing Visualisation Meditation, you start building positive thoughts and energy in your mind. It will further help you in increasing your focus.

  • Decreases Stress and Anxiety

    Visualisation Meditation releases stress or anxiety from the mind by indulging it in positive thoughts and imagination. Stress is a modern epidemic which is affecting our overall health. To help overcome the situation, meditation is the best way.

  • Relieves Insomnia

    When our mind is bounded by so many thoughts or issues, then it becomes quite impossible to get a proper night of sleep. But to overcome the problem of sleeplessness, Visualisation Meditation is prefered. We just have to create a positive image of an object which in return gifts lots of benefits.

  • Boosts Immunity

    Our mind is the source of 80% of the physical ailments we are facing. It is a human tendency that exaggerates an issue in our minds. The same goes for illness. We stretch the common ailment into a long chronic or fatal disease which decreases our power to fight against the disease. Visualisation Meditation helps us to create positivity in our minds and eventually boosts immunity.

  • Cures Migraine and Chronic Pain

    Think of magic or power but Visualisation Meditation is the best and easiest way to cure migraine and other types of headaches. You just need to regularly practice the technique of Visualisation Meditation to get the maximum relief.

  • Decreases Depression

    No doubt, Depression is becoming a hard modern disease. We stretch an issue so much that it results in depression. This in turn becomes the reason for many serious outcomes. The main reason for depression is negative thoughts. Once we overcome this then we are able to overcome the problem of depression. By the continuous practice of Visualisation Meditation, we can cure depression and lead a cheerful life.


Now the last question confusing your mind regularly is how to start practicing Visualisation Meditation. Should I start it on my own? or if I need to join a class so where to join? Calm down, we will help you with your every query. My personal experience and opinion don't allow you to start it on your own. The reason is, that you are already equipped with so many thoughts so it is hardly possible for you to create a positive visualisation. You definitely need a trainer or a teacher to help you with this. So, it is better to join a program or a class to start your meditation and that too visualisation meditation practice.

There are many meditation schools and ashrams promising to offer your the pure and true knowledge of Meditation. Real Happiness India, a meditation ashram in Rishikesh is located in between the silence and purity of the city. You can join the course here and give a new start to your stressed life. www.realhappiness.org

About Author: Sanjjay Raturi
The Seeker, Writer, Himalayan Philosopher
Sanjjay Raturi "Sagar" was born into a Brahmin family in the North Indian Himalayas. He has been connected to spirituality since birth, growing up in a beautiful place near the source of the holy river Ganges. This led him to start practicing mantra chanting and meditation during his childhood.
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