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10 Types of Meditation That Can Help Treat Depression


What is that one thing, everyone is looking for in one's life? Money? Yes of course it is needed but there is something else more important than this? That thing is Happiness and Peace. Everyone wants that at the end of the day when the job is over and the burden is less then you get a good sleep and a relaxing environment. Getting some points of happiness during the day is something one needs desperately. And to be honest, it is not much that one can't get.

But the thing is sometimes, life becomes so complicated that you are not able to relax even if you wish to. This makes people sad and gradually the problem increases leading to the issue of depression. The problem with depression is that you start facing it unknowingly. 

Several studies have shown that the level of the neurotransmitter serotonin decreases during depression, which increases the level of stress. Meditation produces certain neurochemicals that prevent depression from progressing. According to scientists, happy transmitters are created by meditation, which removes negative thoughts and increases good thoughts.

Even after much practices, it becomes difficult to get rid of the problem. At last, a person takes the help of pills. But here in this article, we are presenting 10 such Meditation practices that can help you get rid of the problem of Depression. Meditation in India is something the best activity for you.

Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation (TM) is a technique for experiencing a deeper level of our own awareness and promoting a state of balanced growth. The late Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has taken esoteric meditation from the ancient Vedic tradition of India. TM helps our body fight stress, naturally leading to a calm life.

Visualization Meditation

The meaning of Visualization is "To Imagine". Whatever we want, we should first visualize that we have achieved it. When we visualize in the positive direction, then positive things happen to us. Whenever you are under stress, detach your thoughts from negative thoughts and emotions and think in a positive direction. Eventually, this will remove stress and depression.

Walking Meditation

Often meditation is done sitting in a secluded place, but one meditation is such, which is done while walking. This meditation is called walking meditation. Walking meditation has its origins in Buddhism and can be used as a mindfulness practice. There are many benefits of walking meditation. Doing this can help you feel more balanced.

It is very important to be physically and mentally active. Especially when you are entering old age. Exercising every day boosts the fitness level. Mood improves. One study said that the symptoms of depression were significantly reduced in the elderly who followed the rules of walking meditation for 12 weeks. Along with this, improvement in their blood pressure, and fitness level was also seen. This was possible only through walking meditation.

Mantra Meditation

Mantra meditation is the process of calming and focusing your mind using a sound, word, or sentence fragment. The purpose of mantra meditation is for religious and spiritual relaxation. It is also called Jaap Meditation. Mantra meditation, one of the many forms of yoga, is an essential practice that helps deepen inner awareness. It is a ritual used in many Eastern religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism.

Body Scan Meditation

This is a meditation technique that scans your entire body and helps you understand the pain, tension or any other problem present in it. Body Scan Meditation is a method of mindfulness meditation, in which you examine your entire body and focus on the part of the body that is in pain or discomfort, helping the energy flow well.

Understanding your body better is essential to protecting and taking care of it. Often in the hustle and bustle of our life, we tend to forget the relationship between our body and our mind. Experts say that body scan yoga is successful in improving your physical and emotional health in many ways.

Mindfulness Meditation

To find peace of mind, you need to spend some time with yourself so that things become easier for you. For this, you can do mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness is the moment-to-moment awareness of ourselves and the world around us. This means that you are paying attention to and being aware of what is happening in and around you. Research has also shown that mindfulness makes your brain physically able to alter your brain, which helps you regulate your emotions and deal with stress.

Loving-kindness Meditation

Loving-kindness meditation focuses on building an attitude of love and kindness towards ourselves and others. Many researchers have found that the regular practice of this type of meditation is less likely to have depression, and benefits you with positive thinking and emotions, which leads to a positive outlook on the world.

Loving-kindness meditation reduces the feeling of criticism, which saves us from various mental disorders. It is like self-psychotherapy which is a way to calm the mind and free it from confusion.

Breath Awareness Meditation

This is a basic meditation technique, which you can practice daily. It develops concentration, self-consciousness and memory power. To practice this, sit comfortably and close your eyes. Focus your attention on what is going on inside and outside of you, which can include voices and thoughts. Start paying attention to your breathing. 

Feel the little things like how the air is coming in and out of the nostrils and how your body is moving during this time. Your mind will wander, which is very normal, but when it does, focus it back on your breathing. In the case of meditation, keep the breath at the fore, while your thoughts move in the background. Over time you will notice which thoughts are giving you relief and which ones you are trying to avoid.

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is also commonly called Talk Therapy. With this, efforts are made to change the negative thinking that came due to mental stress and bring it towards a positive life. Many people assume negative thinking due to some reason. In this therapy, by interacting with the victim in several sessions, the counsellors try to give a new direction to life by taking out these negative thoughts.

Focused Meditation

Focused Meditation or Focused Attention Meditation is an advanced meditation technique that helps us to come out of depression.

In focused attention meditation, we focus ourselves on an object, sound and sensation through which we are placed in the present. In classic meditation, when we try to calm ourselves down, thousands of questions arise in our minds. We keep focusing ourselves on only one place and that is somehow taking ourselves to a state devoid of thoughts.

About Author: Sanjjay Raturi
The Seeker, Writer, Himalayan Philosopher
Sanjjay Raturi "Sagar" was born into a Brahmin family in the North Indian Himalayas. He has been connected to spirituality since birth, growing up in a beautiful place near the source of the holy river Ganges. This led him to start practicing mantra chanting and meditation during his childhood.
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