Real Happiness - Meditation Retreats/Course Fees

Advance Course Fees

Payment Policy

  1. An advance amount will be accepted in order to book your seat. Rest of the amount for the course will be deposited by the students within 1 or 2 days of their arrival.
  2. Before giving the advance payment, please keep in mind to fill the "Application Form" available in the link:
  3. Note that the amount received for booking will be non-refundable in any case.
  4. However, if a student wants to drag the course ahead due to some reasons, then he or she can join us on other schedules. But a student has to inform us 15 days before joining the course.
  5. We accept Dollars, Euro, Pound and AU Dollars as a fee of the given course but the extra charge of converting these currencies into Indian currency will be paid by a student itself.
  6. If a student changes his/her mind and wants to cancel the course, then we accept the cancellation but advance payment will not be refunded.
  7. Charge for course cancellation is NIL. A student just has to inform us via mail or call.