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reiki healing in rishikesh
reiki india
reiki healing in rishikesh
reiki india

Reiki Healing Therapy in Rishikesh

Reiki Healing in Rishikesh, conducted by Real Happiness India is not a Teacher Training Course but a self-healing program offered for personal wellness. It is divided into three parts, via 3 days, 5 days and 7 days course which one can select according to their choice and time.

Join the journey of self-healing and self-care with us in Rishikesh!

Reiki can heal you from the inside out. Through this, not only you can reduce the level of negativity very much but you can touch new heights by channeling your energy in the right direction. Apart from incurable diseases, treatment of all other diseases is possible with Reiki. The special part of Reiki is that no medicine needs to be taken in it.

Reiki Course in Rishikesh

The Powerful Healing Technique

Reiki is a powerful Japanese healing science. 'Rei' means Divine and 'Ki' means energy, so together it becomes the energy of the divine. People nowadays are surrounded by stress and negative energy. In the midst of increasing diseases, irregular routines and a lot of negativity, somewhere we are lagging behind. In this blog, we will discuss such a healing skill, knowing that you will not only be able to get out of the maze of negativity but also live a new and better life than ever before. Yes, all this is possible through 'Reiki' through which not only one can do good to oneself but also to other people. Let's know about Reiki.

"Reiki is not done by the person,
The person is medium,
Reiki is done by the universe."

~Sanjay Raturi

Reiki is described in Atharvaveda. However, it disappears in ancient times. Reiki Therapy is not present in written form which becomes a prime reason for its extinction. But as per "Kamal Sutra"; Gautama Buddha revived the treatment therapy for the benefit of human beings. Later on, Mikao Usui of Japan rediscovered Reiki Chikista (Reiki Healing Therapy).

"Healing is the bridge between energy and the universe."

~Sanjay Raturi

Types of Reiki Healing Therapy

Therapy is the best way to help the body in fighting from fatigue and stress. Similarly, Japanese Reiki healing therapy is also done. There are many ways to perform Reiki Healing Therapy. Out of which, two are the most popular. One is done by touching hands. Other Reiki healing therapy can be done even without touching it while staying away.


Sparsh Healing (Touch Healing)

In this method, the disease is treated by the touch of the hand, hence it is also called the touch therapy method. When a person doing Reiki therapy applies pressure on them with his palm, then automatically the flow of cosmic energy starts and the person feels this flow. Reiki treatment involves keeping the palms in one position for at least three minutes and then bringing the palms to the next position.


Distance Healing

Distance Healing Therapy is another type of Reiki which can be done at any time and at any place. The special thing about this is that one needs not to be near the healer. The healer can be anywhere. In this, the healer will take your details like name, age, photograph, and so on. After which, he starts the treatment. The therapy is equally powerful as Touch Therapy.

How does Reiki work?

Any person who takes initial training in Reiki is called a Reiki channel or medium. Reiki flows through his body in the form of energy waves which are emitted or flow through his palms to help in healing. To know exactly how Reiki works, it is necessary to know about the major seven chakras or energy centers of the body.

Energy flows in our bodies through these chakras. In the Reiki healing process, Reiki energy enters through our Sahasrara or Crown chakra and emits or flows through the Ajna chakra, Vishuddha chakra, Heart chakra and the palms of both the hands. It does not require any external effort. The process of healing starts just by thinking and placing the palms. Before start practicing, take training from a Reiki teacher.

Real Happiness India conducts 3 days, 5 days, and 7 days of Reiki Healing Course. Choose the one that suits you the best.

Benefits of Reiki Healing Therapy

Reiki Healing clearly points toward its healing benefits. But, healing of what? Which part of the body? What are the other benefits? Does it also open spiritual channels? What happens with a Reiki Session? What happens when one learns Reiki? These are some questions which are surely running into your mind. So, in this portion, we are telling you the benefits of Reiki Therapy. Surely these are not all benefits which one gets from Reiki. There is much more than this. To know about it completely, take the Reiki Session or opt for a Reiki Course at Real Happiness India.

  • Say no to STRESS with Reiki Therapy A person goes through many types of stress every day in their life, such as; the pressure of work, family issues, illness, etc. Reiki helps you in fighting these day to day stress and issues. It lets the body heal itself by reducing stress.
  • No more a CHRONIC ILLNESS A lifestyle nowadays comes up with lots of illnesses and diseases. High Blood Pressure, Increased Sugar Level, and High level of Cholesterol are some of the problems one is facing. It is believed that Reiki is much beneficial in curing these serious problems.
  • Better Relationships Reiki also helps you in spiritual growth and personality development. By using it, you see your problems and others' behaviour from a different perspective. Its daily practice brings positivity to your thoughts and clears your misunderstandings. It also increases the power of tolerance inside you.
  • Gets relief from PHYSICAL PAIN There are some miraculous benefits of Reiki, it works very quickly in physical aches and pains, such as; Headache, Abdominal pain, Bone pain etc.
  • Makes TRADITIONAL TREATMENT METHODS more effective Reiki complements various traditional methods of treatment such as Allopathy, Homeopathy and Ayurveda. It makes the treatment fast and easy for an individual.
  • INSOMNIA - Now not a big problem When our body is in a comfortable state, then we get good and satisfying sleep. With the help of Reiki treatments, your sleep also has a great effect and you will get a sound sleep at night.
  • Mental Wellness Due to our poor health, we get bogged down in worries and this is the reason why we feel helpless. In such a situation, the guiding principles of Reiki give energy and positivity to our thoughts.
  • Reiki - A way to a FASTER RECOVERY Reiki therapy helps an individual to recover faster. When a person goes through surgery or operation, then Reiki is the best way to help you recover from the surgery.
  • Improvement in IMMUNITY With the help of Reiki therapy, toxins are removed from the body. It improves blood circulation in the heart, lungs, kidney, liver and gall bladder. Reiki also provides relief for common ailments, such as; Cold, flu, cough etc.
  • No need to worry about DIGESTION Digestion also improves a lot with the help of Reiki Therapy. Irregular digestion is the source and conclusion of many physical and mental issues. With Reiki, all these issues resolve and you will lead a happy and well life.

Reiki Healing Therapy Dates 2023 - 2024

06 March - 12 March 2023
13 March - 19 March 2023
20 March - 26 March 2023
3 April - 09 April 2023
10 April - 16 April 2023
17 April - 23 April 2023
01 May - 07 May 2023
08 May - 14 May 2023
15 May - 21 May 2023
22 May - 28 May 2023
05 June - 11 June 2023
12 June - 18 June 2023
3 days Reiki Healing Therapy
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5 days Reiki Healing Therapy
$300 Book now
7 days Reiki Healing Therapy
$450 Book now
10 days Reiki Healing Therapy
$600 Book now

How Reiki is Performed?

The sun is considered the main source of energy in this healing system. According to experts, this energy is always with us. When a person dies, this energy dissipates with him. It is also called invisible energy, which stays with us in an invisible form. Whereas in Japanese it is called 'ki'. The biggest advantage of this medical system is that it eliminates diseases from the root. It is a permanent solution, not a temporary one.

The two levels of Reiki are:

Reiki Level 1

In the first stage of Reiki Healing, you are given Reiki energy by a qualified Reiki Guru. It is also called attunement or transmission of power. Through this process, the Reiki Master connects you with the divine energy. After which you are ready to learn the next stage of Reiki i.e. Level 2. You need 4-5 hours to learn Level 1. It includes theory classes and practicals of Reiki.

Reiki Level 2

Level 2 involves healing yourself with the help of Reiki energy. Under this, the energy of the seven chakras in the body – Muladhara Chakra, Swadhisthana Chakra, Manipura Chakra, Anahata Chakra, Vishuddha Chakra, Ajna Chakra and Sahasrara Chakra is balanced. Along with this, you can energize yourself by flowing Reiki energy to 24 different points of the body. In Reiki Level 2, you can heal other people by healing them as well. Not only this but at this level, you also taught how to give healing to people sitting far away. Reiki Level 2 involves practicing self-healing regularly for a total of 21 days.

Reiki works on 5 principles, if a person uses this alternative medicine then he has to practice it daily.
Before doing Reiki, follow its 5 principles for just one day:

5 Important Principles of Reiki Therapy

  • Don't Get Angry
  • Do Not Worry
  • Be Thankful
  • Do Your Work Honestly
  • Be Kind to Every Living Being