Meditation Teacher Training in India

Traditional Vedic Meditation School

If you are stressed or sick, the Meditation will heal you, if you're not, Meditation will heal you and you will never be stressed in life.

  • Learn how to stay calm
  • Improve your focus level
  • Increase the awareness level
  • Be more creative
  • Be relax every moment
  • Increase the inner peace
  • Improve the mood and relationships
  • Improve ability to make decisions
  • Increase brain intelligence and silence
  • Increase concentration and attention
  • Increase power of imagination
  • Increase memory power
Get hours of work done
without distractions.
Calm your mind and
get inner peace.
Be relax in life and do
what you love.

Meditation Courses in India

  • 150-hours-meditation-course-india

    150 Hours Meditation Teacher Training

    The beginners level 2 weeks Meditation Teacher Training (Spiritual Retreats) best for those who just stepped into the journey of meditation or doing meditation from 1-2 years. You will learn 30+ basic & intermediate meditation techniques, pranayama, yoga asanas, mantra chanting, human mind anatomy, teaching skills and Srimad Bhagavad Gita Philosophy on Meditation.

  • 300-hours-meditation-course-in-india

    300 Hours Meditation Teacher Training

    300 Hours Meditation Teacher Training is an intensive Meditation Course for those who have done the beginner meditation course and want to deepen their knowledge. In this course, you will learn 45+ Meditation Techniques based on Mindfulness, Silent, Transcendental (TM), Kundalini Awakening, Visualization, Nidra, Mantra Chanting, Pranayama, Vipassana and others.

  • meditation-retreats-in-india

    Meditation Retreats in Himalayas

    The Meditation Retreats is best for those who want a break from a daily hectic and stressful life. In the Retreat, we focus on natural life-healing tools such as spiritual temples visit, waterfall visit, outdoor meditation, Indian village tour, trekking mountains, living in traditional Indian Culture, Explore the ancient Indian yogi living and learning from the experienced masters.

How it works?

Step 1

  • Be a good listener and come out from Ego
  • Forget the past and live in present
  • Increase your interest for Sadhana
  • Be stable in life and trust the process

Step 2

  • Request for a lesson on Video Call
  • Learn and do assignment on time
  • Add some Good Karma in Daily Life
  • Share your Sadhana to the people near you

Step 3

  • Increase your love and devotion for Guru
  • Respect the Guru and complete surrender
  • Do daily mantra chanting and spiritual works
  • Get ready for transformation and awakening


Every second you breathe, you lost one moment of life. Time is passing whether you do nothing or doing good karma. Learn how to forget the past, live in the present because the present will make your future.

Join our free sadhana course based on Vedic Indian Techniques.


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