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Ayur Yoga TTC

Ayuskama Ayur Yoga School


What if you get double profit in a single thing? Undoubtedly It is such an incredible thing for you which makes you feel so happy. "Ayur Yoga Teacher Training Course" is also like a double profit with just a single course.There are many people who have an interest in both, Yoga and Ayurveda but due to lack of time they completed only one course, either of Yoga or of Ayurveda but with this "Ayur Yoga TTC", you will be able to do Ayurveda and Yoga courses simultaneously even in less time. Ayur Yoga TTC is a course in which you learn to combine Yoga & Ayurveda together. We all are aware of the benefits of Ayurveda and Yoga, So just think What will happen if benefits of both will get combined? Ayurveda & Yoga overlap each other benefits on a different level. This will help you in relaxing and balancing your body, mind & soul. Veteran Yog Guru and Ayurvedacharya will teach you. After the completion of the course, officially registered certificates will be given to students. So, get ready for this double profit.

Achintya Ayuryoga


"Ayu" means "life" & "Veda" depicts the meaning "Knowledge" and hence together "Ayurveda" is described as the "knowledge for life". One of the most pristine and authentic treatment of medical science, "Ayurveda" is quite accurate in treating many ailments or diseases. Also, it is beneficial in prevention, detoxification and cleansing of the body.
At Achintya Ayurveda, one can learn the teaching courses and programs of Ayurveda including, 100 Hours Ayur-Yoga Certification Course, 200 Hours Ayur-Yoga Teacher Training, Ayur-Yoga Therapy Course, Ayurveda Massage And Healing Course, Panchkarma Therapy Course, Ayurvedic Food And Diet Certification Course, Panchkarma Therapy, Massage Therapy, Marma Therapy & Stress Management. Also, one can get the various ayurvedic treatments here performed by the well-qualified and expert professionals, using all the best qualities of ayurvedic ingredients and oil. With the aim of creating awareness about the power of yoga and preventing & curing individual through its immense effects; "Achintya Ayurveda" set up its centre in Rishikesh by maintaining the best quality and high value of almost all kinds of Ayurveda Therapies.